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Changhong Air Conditioner

CHANGHONG manufactures a wide range of air conditioners , including window-type, split-type, floor standing type, DMV, cold water-type, and commercial type with an annual production capacity of  9, 000,000 units.

It has professional technical team led by doctors who makes the digital inverter , eco-friendly technology, intelligent technology, super-low noise and healthy airflow control in the leading positions. With excellent features combined Changhong air conditioners are best out there.

Excellent Features of Changhong Air Conditioners

  • Sleep Mode
  • Drip Prevention
  • Freeze Prevention
  • Hidden LED Display
  • Auto Diagnosis
  • Auto Clean
  • Inner- grooved Copper Tube
  • 24-hour ON or OFF Timer
  • Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin
  •  Strong Dehumidification
  • Turbo

Optional Features of Changhong Air Conditioners

  • UVC
  • Cold Plasma
  • Healthy Negative Ion
  • Electronic Dust Collector
  • Auxiliary Electric Heating
  • Crystal-Blue-NANO-Photocatalyst Filter
  • Formaldehyde Killer Filter
  • Active Charcoal Filter
  • Silver Ion Filter
  • Vitamin C Filter
  • Auto Restart
  • 4D Airflow
  • Smart
  • Wifi Function
  • 0.5 Standby
  • Self- Cleaning 
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To further understand the brand, download the 2021 Changhong New Catalogue

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